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From the desk of Peggy Housman, Board Secretary:

The Land Use Board meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. The meetings are held in the Municipal Building.

The Land Use Board is a combined board handling the business of both the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Board has nine (9) regular members and four (4) alternate members who may vote on an application in the absence of regular members.

At the monthly meetings the order of events will be guided by an agenda, which will be available to you at the meeting. Some cases on an agenda may not be completed during a meeting. If the case that you are interested in is not reached or completed, we will announce a continuation date. Notices in writing will not be repeated.

PROCEDURES - The applicant provides sworn testimony by expert or otherwise knowledgeable witnesses to support his application. The Board, its staff, and the public have the right to cross-examine these witnesses and finally to comment on the proposal.

The Board administrator keeps a verbatim record of the proceedings. When you speak, please do so slowly and clearly.

CASES - Under New Jersey Law the following types of applications are heard by a Land Use Board:

  • Major Subdivisions
  • Minor Subdivisions
  • Site Plans
  • C & D Variances
  • Conditional Uses

Approval of the application requires a majority of the members who hear the case.

When your case is called the applicant (often represented by an attorney) will introduce himself, and will present each of his witnesses in turn. Each witness will be sworn in.

PUBLIC QUESTIONS - Following the testimony of each witness, the Board and its professional staff will ask any questions or clarifications needed. The chair will then invite the public to ask questions of the witness. If you have a question (not a comment) raise your hand. When the chair calls you please stand, state your name and address, and direct your question(s) to the witness. When the public has had the opportunity to complete its questions, the chair will direct the applicant to call his next witness and the above procedures will be followed.

PUBLIC COMMENTS - When the applicant has completed his/her case, the public will be invited to offer relevant comments and factual information. If you wish to do so, you will be sworn in as a witness. Your statements should be supportable, not hearsay. Petitions will not be accepted.

The Chair can close the public portion of a hearing if he feels that comments are repetitive or irrelevant.

When you follow the above procedures, your thoughts will have maximum impact on the Boards deliberations.